Habit Workshops 

The Habit Workshop

This Workshop is to teach how I turned my daily habits into more of a drip campaign / slow and steady progress, more like the s&p 500 than day trading and how to make that manageable with the busy entrepreneur lives that we have.

(over 4 years this has led me to working out 1400 days in a row,

writing over 2500 things I am grateful for

writing 5000+ affirmations

reading the bible every single day, and 8 more daily habits I do)

(KEY)=OVER 4 YEARS... not it one week

$50 per person

9 spots available




Provisions coffee & bakery (Warr Acres, OK)

What to expect...

- These are attitude and character based habits such as writing one thing you're grateful for everyday, or daily journaling about your life.

it's the 1% a day rule, but made applicable and measurable.

- Easy and sustainable goals that slowly add to the quality of your life like compounding interest, but on your character.


*STANDARDS AND GOALS (the life changing difference between them)

*I HAVE NO TIME! (how to implement positive change little bits at a time through a busy schedule


15 minutes networking and food before starting (free coffee provided)

*One hour of materials

*45 minutes finding the best actionable plan for each and every one of you to start implementing IMMEDIATLY


This is only for people seeking to grow for the long term.